Tuesday, April 26, 2011

2010 Yunnan Sourcing Yi Wu Zheng Shan

I'm actually not very well versed with Yi Wu area teas, which is why I picked this one.  It is low priced too, so I didn't feel bad about buying a sample.

The leaves are large with dark green hints, as well as a few leaf buds thrown in.  The leaves have a small, light sweetness to them along with the aroma of vanilla and light clove.  Scott explains on his website that these leaves come from established gardens, which explains the low price.

Of all the Spring 2010 Pu-erh's from Yunnan Sourcing, this one was the smoothest.  The mouthfeel and body were definitely better than average, but not super-oily like a few maocha that I've sampled in the past.  I felt relaxed and warm while I drank it; the pores in my skin opened up slowly, which means decent qi is abound in this stuff.

There was only one problem: The tea was weak, flavor wise.  While it had pleasant vegetal notes and good spice and grain flavors, they never really got very strong.  In fact, brewing it stronger made the flavor seem more distant.  I would get more sour notes, like that of bitter cabbage greens but without the rough feeling in the mouth.

Overall, it's okay stuff. Not as strong as I would like, but I've figured that I should get a cake just to see how it ages.  By 2020, I will be in my mid-thirties, and this tea will be about ready to drink.  Good flavors, good mouthfeel, just not very strong.  Let's see what she does!

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