Friday, May 27, 2011

Why Being a Tea Snob is Bad


I haven't been around much this month due to the home business, so please excuse my absence.

Today, various forms of technology have come together in ways that some of us may have never thought possible.  It's not suprising that some tea drinkers about to embark on a purchase to be overwhelmed by the sheer variety that is available - the choices are practically endless.

After a few major purchases, perhaps the drinker would feel more confident in their choices and might continue trying new teas.  However, all of us (myself included) can attain some serious pride, which can ultimately wind up as snobbery.  As a guy who just really wants to enjoy and drink good tea with my family and friends, I'm Begging You:

Let's stop the affliction of snobbyness before it leaves the general populace with the wrong idea.  In other words, maybe people other than us (tea hobbyists and bloggers) are reading this.  I mean, we all started a blog for a reason, right?  Knowledge, like tea, should be shared happily - not forced and made to be fact by one's own opinion and pride.

Just think about it for a little while - are we sending out the right message to others?



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