Saturday, November 26, 2011

More Sencha and a whole lot of change

Things are changing for the better here in the Old South.  Leaves have fallen, the temperatures are no longer melting the soles of our shoes, and the author's life may be forever changed due to some recent events which I may or may not explain later.  The future has never looked so bright, so let's celebrate with an enjoyable sencha.

Hakoniwado's Yame Fukamushi Sencha has been one of the first enjoyable sencha's of the year for me.  I've tried about 12 others, but most of them just didn't have the depth that I prefer.  This sencha has that depth, along with a pleasant mouth feel and an energy that is truly intoxicating.  I will be the first to tell when I don't know something -  I don't know the term the Japanese use to describe the feeling a tea gives.  I doubt that it's the word qi, but one never knows.

I discovered this tea in the OTTI #11 on TeaChat, though I can't disclose which number it is in the group.

Small, Thin Leaves
I tend not to set up my photos to make them more appealing.  It goes back to something I learned when I was just getting involved in tea.  Tea is a humble thing, with very humble beginnings.  It's picked from a Camellia, which grows from soil, a conglomerate of all things that have decomposed over the years.  We brew the leaves in hot water, drink the liquid, savor it, and our bodies eventually take nutrients from it and convert the rest to waste.

That's not very pretty, is it?  Well, I ask you, who said it had to be?

I love this tea, and if you feel like it, try it yourself.  Brewed properly, it's a humble wonder to behold.

Describing the flavour would most likely be a moot point.