Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Strange News

I can't drink young pu-erh anymore.  Let me explain.

When I made my last post in January of this year, something was amiss.  I was getting sick a great deal.  This has been a trend for the large part of 2013, up until recently, since i'm being treated for all that ails me now.  Regardless of all that, I discovered my stomach can no longer tolerate any amount of young sheng.  It makes me violently ill, no matter what I do.  On the other hand, aged tea has no effect on me.  I have no idea why this is.

I've since come up with an idea. It's borrowed from the world of wine drinkers - Just taste the tea and spit it out.  So far, no problems!

A fun, adorable 70's/80's pot I use for Yencha

I think it's worthwhile to make a point here.  By not actually ingesting the tea, I may not be able to experience the Qi of said tea.  I see this as a valid point, but if we're assuming that Qi is a real thing, then I guess I will just have to miss out on that part of the experience.

Given that there is time in the future for me to write, I plan on resuming my writing in this blog.

Take Care :)

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